Extra Donation

Donation Methods & Important Notes

In order to compete the “Highest Donation Award”, all the payment(s) must complete by November 21, 2021. Submission of donation after the deadline will be accepted but will not be counted to “Highest Donation Award”.

  1. Donate while enrollment:
    - Participant can add extra donation during enrollment, and complete the payment together.
  2. Sponsors Donation:
    - For any enquiry about the donation on this category, Please Contact:  info@luaf.org.hk
  3. Donate Now


Donation Receipt:

  • Donations of HKD $100 or more are tax-deductible and the receipt will be issued according to the Name of Donors stated in the Donation Form.  Once the donation form is submitted, any request of alteration of receipt information will not be served.
  • The receipts will be sent to the representative stated in the reply slip for distribution.
  • Official donation receipts will be issued within 3 months after the event (Tax exemption no.: 91/5473)。